Delightfully Delectable Desserts

Bananas Foster ~ 8
House-made banana bread buttermilk-dipped, grilled and topped with a banana foster sauce; served with vanilla bean ice cream

Peanut Butter Pie ~ 8
House specialty. Graham cracker crust, caramel topping
and whipped cream

Deep-Dish Cheesecake ~ 8
Creamy deep-dish cheesecake topped with raspberry sauce

Ghirardelli Melting Chocolate Cake ~ 8
Rich chocolate cake with a warm, melting center;
served with vanilla bean ice cream 
Allow 15 minutes prep time

Ice Cream

Vanilla Bean, Peppermint Stick, Moose Tracks, Orange Sherbet


One Scoop                                                                         3.50
Two Scoops                                                                      4.50

Sundae (hot fudge or strawberry)                                    5.00
Milk Shake (vanilla, chocolate or strawberry)                6.00


Ice Cream Drinks

~Made with vanilla bean ice cream~


Kahlua & rum

Green Crème de Menthe & white Crème de Cacao

Brandy Alexander~10
Brandy, dark Crème de Cacao & nutmeg


After Dinner Drinks

Doherty’s Java-Tini~9
Kahlua, Bailey’s, Vanilla Vodka & cream

Irish Coffee~8
Irish Whiskey & coffee topped with whipped cream; served HOT or ICED

Spanish Coffee~8
Kahlua, rum & coffee topped with whipped cream; served HOT or ICED


White Russian~9
Kahlua, vodka & cream


Black Russian~8
Kahlua & vodka

Smith & Kearns~8
Kahlua, cream & ginger ale


Di Saronno                                 7.00
Frangelico                                  7.00
Bailey’s Irish Cream                 6.50
Cointreau                                   7.50
Crème de Menthe                    5.00
(White or Green)                           
Drambuie                                  7.50
Kahlua                                       6.00
Grand Marnier                          8.00
Irish Mist                                  6.50
Peppermint Schnapps           5.00
Courvoisier                              7.00